GSP Vs Bisping Who Have you Got?

Anyone who knows Fearless MMA, knows that we are big fans of British fighters.  On this occasion though, with Georges St. Pierre matched up against our friend Michael Bisping – we are not so sure!

Here is the official word on the street:

Division: Middleweight
Records: Michael Bisping (30-7), Georges St-Pierre (25-2)

Depending on the person, the middleweight title fight between Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre is anything from the worst fight in the history of this planet to the most interesting contest in the UFC in a long while. Frankly, pretty much every take on the fight is correct.

Bisping vs. GSP is competitively questionable. While Bisping hasn’t been especially active as UFC champion for a number of reasons, St-Pierre is nearly four years removed from his last fight. Worse yet, he will be fighting at 185 pounds, a weight he’s never competed at, against a former 205-pounder even though he recently discussed a potential move to 155 pounds.

It’s also a big step forward for fighters rights. UFC President Dana White, for whatever reason, did everything in his power to sour fans both fans and fighters on this bout. Bisping and St-Pierre, two fighters who have sacrificed a lot for the UFC, were undeterred by this and worked together to force the company to repay part of its debt to them.

Despite that, there’s no denying the fight gums up the works in the middleweight division. While oddball title shots can sometimes be justified by the lack of an obvious contender, there is no shortage of competition at 185 pounds, with Robert Whittaker, Luke Rockhold and Anderson Silva all having claims to a crack at Bisping’s throne.

Still, there is enough history on the line that it’s possibly justified. St-Pierre is already in the “greatest of al time” discussion, and becoming the fourth person ever to hold titles in two UFC divisions could put him over the top. On the other hand, Michael Bisping already owns a win over Silva, who many consider to be the GOAT, and adding GSP to his resume will give him an on-paper claim to that title.

The arguments for and against this bout keep on going, but no matter how any fan feels about this contest, it’s happening. So, how will this one go? That’s anyone’s guess, but the odds are heavily in Bisping’s favor.

While GSP is the better pound-for-pound fighter, the ring rust and size differential likely will be too much for him to overcome. He is a wily one, though, so there is a definite chance he can out-savvy the historically mistake-prone Bisping.