Spring Time is Coming, can you feel it?

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update about club going-ons as we wrap up winter (fingers crossed) and welcome in Spring.

Can you imagine that in about a month or so we MIGHT be able to open up the roll top doors at the back of the club and feel the warm breeze float in?!? We are super excited!

A very big thank you to Alyssa Raye Productions for coming in all last week and filming (with Billy) as we are working on launching our new club and Alyssa is helping us send our message!  What is our message? That we are the BEST MMA club in York Region that focuses on fitness, discipline, inclusivity and is generally all around a pretty bad a$s workout.  Not for a faint of heart, Fearless MMA has top level coaches that motivate you to reach your personal fitness or mental wellness goals.  Because healthy body = healthy mind, right?

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for our videos to be splashed across social media and our website and thank you to all our coaches and members that participated in the videos!

Next, we have new and pretty fabulous merch coming in next week – new fresh designs, hats – flat brimmed and curved – hoodies, tanks, t’s and more!  We will post them on our social media as we get them in.  Luckily we were able to do some larger runs and have therefore been able to keep the cost pretty reasonable.  And thank you to Canadian Custom Apparel for working with me through my design process, I am a fierce lady boss and tend to sweat the small details for the sake of my brand.  Interesting FACT, we get inquiries all of the time to buy our merch from non-members!  Such a flattering request, but unfortunately you have to be a member of Fearless MMA to wear our brand – why?  Because we ARE our brand, YEY!

Lastly, fight team members and events… We are going to be super busy out on the road fighting in the months to come.  So far, off to a great start in 2018 with Caden taking the Ascension Super Heavy Silver in GI and Gold in NoGI over the past weekend – way to go Caden! And yey to Dimitri for completing his first competition! Next up at the end of March is the boxers, we are busy preparing fighters in the club.  Remember that if you aspire to spar or compete the first step is getting your competitive membership in your respective sport – please come to the office if you have questions I would be happy to answer them!

We know that the club has been unusually busy during this month, and as we increase our marketing and presence on social media outlets we are increasing the membership base steadily… Infact, this has happened much faster than Rick and I have anticipated.  We are monitoring the class attendance closely and will for sure add more classes if the hours get too busy.  We just wanted to let everyone know that we are aware and keeping an eye on it, it is our intention to keep the class numbers smaller for more one on one attention of each of our wonderful members!

We have a lot of fun and amazing things up our sleeves for this coming spring and summer, stay tuned for more updates and details to come!

Hugs and Punches,

Momma Fearless x