Meet Your Coaches

Fearless MMA offers access to world-class instructors highly trained in their respective areas. They will provide fun workouts that will improve your skills and whip you into shape along the way.

Rick Dunn

Boxing | MMA | Muay Thai

Rick Dunn is a Professional Martial Artist with an incredible reputation in the Aurora Community for delivering quality instruction to all levels of aspiring athletes. A former Professional MMA fighter from the fight town of Nottingham, England Rick is a 4th Dan in Kyokushin Karate, an excellent Boxer, proficient grappler and has an MMA record of 14-1-0.

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Though Rick is able to teach all classes at Fearless MMA, he has taken on a focus of developing our Fight Team on the Provincial and International level. He enjoys power lifting, personal training and spending time with his wife and animals on their property in Aurora. He often travels back to the UK for next level training and to assist friends in their training camps.

Georgette Dunn

Kids Boxing | Kids Muay Thai

Coach Georgette Dunn is the owner, operator and administrator at Fearless MMA. The club was born and created from her time spent active in the UK fight community. First exchanging her nursing background to learn the art of being a cut woman, cornering professional boxing athletes – then onto amateur boxing.

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Undertaking a 6 month training camp to fight on the amateur Nottingham University campus challenge, eventually winner silver.

Donovan Boucher


Donovan Boucher is a professional welter/light middle/middle/super middleweight boxer of the 1980s, ’90s and 2000s. He won the Canada welterweight title, and Commonwealth welterweight title, and was a challenger for World Boxing Association (WBA) Inter-Continental welterweight title againstGlenwood Brown, World Boxing Association (WBA) World welterweight title against Crisanto España

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and Canada light middleweight title against Gareth Sutherland!

Dimitri Voutselas

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | Personal Trainer PTS Can Fit Pro | Kids Program Coach

Bio coming soon

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Connor Luke Fountain

Boxing | Muay Thai | MMA

Connor Luke is a strong amateur fighter prospect, training under the direction of Coach Ricky Dunn and Donovan Boucher. With a background of more than 5 years training in mixed martial arts, Connor Luke is Fearless MMA’s junior instructor.

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You can find him at the club every single day of the week either working out or training our beginner kids and students alike.

James ‘Champ’ Mangubat

Boxing Coach | Pad Man | Personal Trainer

A lifetime Boxer, Champ has been both a student and instructor at Fearless MMA for several years. Never too busy to run pads for up and coming fighters and athletes alike.

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You will find Champ working his magic in the ring or on the road with our fight team and Coach Ricky Dunn.

Prof. Matt Soroka

Head BJJ Coach

Matt has over 25 years of grappling experience. He started training and competing in judo at the age of 6 and eventually earned his brown belt in that discipline. Later in his teens he transitioned into no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu training with former UFC champion Carlos Newton and UFC veteran Mark Bocek.

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Eventually he started to focus more on traditional Brazilian jiu-jitsu with his teacher, Cesar Rezek, and was awarded his black belt from Cesar at the Nova Uniao headquarters in Rio de Janeiro after training there for several years (home of UFC champions Jose Aldo, Renan Barao and legendary coach Andre Pederneiras). He also spent almost a year training in Brasilia with 1997 World Champion Joao Roque.

Matt co-founded Jits Magazine, one of the premiere jiu-jitsu media networks in the world with several million views on their Youtube channel. This venture has lead him to traveling, training, learning competing and teaching around the globe including Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Europe and more. His travels exposed him to learn techniques from some of the best masters in the sport.


– Over 25 Years of Grappling Experience.

– BJJ Training with UFC Fighters.

– Co-founder of Jits Magazine

Prof. Wagnney Fabiano

BJJ Program Director, Nova Uniao | 5th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt | Professional MMA Fighter

Wagnney Fabiano was born on the 14th of July, 1975, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Wagnney began his jiu jitsu training as a child at Wendel Alexander’s gym. His dedication and success in the sport was evident from the start, and his early achievements led his younger brother Leonardo to join him at the gym.

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Going through the ranks under Wendel’s tutelage, Fabiano was witness to the early days of Nova Uniao, when Alexander merged forces with Andre Pederneiras. With Wagnney Fabiano’s help, Nova Uniao became one of the strongest academies in the country, and after winning the Brazilian National title in 1996 at the brown belt division, Fabiano received his black belt while still standing on the podium.

On the year of 1999 Wagnney moved to Toronto, Canada, opening a gym there, and only a few years later he started his MMA career becoming one of the first MMA fighters of Nova Uniao. These were the early days of MMA in the US and Canada, and the light weight divisions were still at an embryonic stage, for that reason Wagnney had a hard time finding fights within his real weight category (featherweight) and had to compete often in heavier divisions. With the creation of the IFL (International Fight League) Fabiano found a home to showcase his BJJ skills, becoming the organization’s featherweight champion. After the IFL closed down Wagnney signed up with Zuffa organization to compete for the WEC.


2017 IBJJF Brazilian National Champion
2017 IBJJF Pan-American Champion
2017 IBJJF European Open Champion
2005 ADCC Quarter Finalist
2004 Arnold Gracie Worlds Pro Division 2nd Place
Pan-Am (1995) Champion
Brazilian National Champion (1996 brown)
Brazilian National Teams Champion (1997 black)
Brazilian National Teams 2nd Place (1998 black)
World Bronze Medallist (1998)
NAGA, Grapplers Quest, Brazilian Abu Dhabi trials winner


IFL Featherweight Champion
IFL 2007 Featherweight Grand Prix Champion
UCC / TKO World Super-Lightweight Champion

James Asprer

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

James is a Purple Belt under Fearless’s Head BJJ Professor Matt Soroka.  Having started training in Jiu Jitsu in 2008, James is a enthusiast who often reads and researches the sport as much as he trains in it.  Always helping the team improve, James is a very details focused instructor.  In addition to being a BJJ Purple Belt, James is a Registered Nurse who ensures that our team stays safe and educates on best practices.

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James achievements to date include 2010 Ontario Open Light Sliver Medalist in GI and No GI, 2013 Ottawa BJJ Open Medium Heavy Gold Medalist.

Poo Choi Kru Arash Kiarash

Head Muay Thai Coach

Arash has been training in Muay Thai for more than 10 years and is a Poo Choi Kru under Ajahn Suchart.  He is a very positive and effective Coach.  You will find him to be a trainer that maximizes results and is very focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals.  We are excited to have Arash join our expanding team of quality Coaches and Trainers!

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