Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the youngest age you take in your youth program?

We accept ages 6 plus in our youth program

  • I would like to compete, can I?

Yes, everyone has the opportunity to compete however - you must be a gym member and attend class to show the coaches your experience.  We only allow experienced fighters compete.

  • I am a beginner, can I spar

Simply... no.  You must gain experience first in the classes

  • How are your classes run?

Fearless MMA is a legit fight club, we are not a boxercise club nor do we do 'fitness' classes.  Will you get fit in our classes?  YES!  Do you have to compete? No.  But we still teach everyone the disciplines.  All our classes start with cardio and then move into technique.

  • Do I need equipment?

Yes, everyone needs gloves (at least) for boxing and shin guards and gloves for Muay Thai.  You can purchase equipment from our online shop. 

  • Can I try a class before buying a membership?

Yes, you can purchase a single class for $30 on our web store

  • Do I need a gi for the BJJ class?

Yes, you can purchase one on our web store or rent a loaner gi ($10) for your first class.