New events happening this August and September!!

New events happening this August and September!!


Sparring Night and Appreciation BBQ *dates TBD

Calling all Boxing and Muay Thai fighters!  We will be having a sparring night at Fearless to blow the ring dust off everyone prior to heading out to club shows this fall. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or looking for your first formal 'fight', please email the club at your interest.  Coach Rick will match everyone and be the referee.  You must be registered with a competitive licence and have all approved gear ie/head gear, gloves, wraps, shin guards etc to attend.

We will be doing 3, two minute rounds with a one minute rest between!  Feel free to bring your family members to watch the action and have a hot dog!

Challenge of the Week

In conjunction with our sponsors Warrior Fight Store we will have a prize (a really good one) every other week that is attached to a challenge.  This will be a physical timed challenge which you can attempt 3 times in the week.  The best time wins the prize which will be announced each Friday.  YEY!!